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Block phone number app CallHound by Redwerk

CallHound App is Your Reliable Shield

The app carefully protects your phone from unwanted and spammy incoming calls, reduces the annoying clutter and makes your busy life easier.

Spam Calls

Incoming calls for which Spam rules applied are completely blocked, and the call does not occur. No one, from advertising agents to strangers, can bother you if they are on your spam list.

Number blocking app CallHound by Redwerk

Unwanted Calls

When you receive the call from a number for which the Unwanted rule applied, it marks as 'unwanted' on the screen. So, you can choose: to answer or not.

With CallHound App You Can

Add ass many rules as you want

Add as many rules as you want

Block spam calls

Block spam calls

Tag unwanted calls

Tag unwanted calls

Backup rules via social accounts

Backup rules via social accounts

Use the app without Internet connection

Use the app without Internet connection

Backup Dog

Backup Your Rules

CallHound offers you a backup of your filtering rules in the cloud, which not only prevents data loss but also comes handy in case you’re changing devices. Just authorize with one of the social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google) and your data will be automatically transferred.

Setting Easy as ABC

How to Block a Number on Your iPhone?
  • Go to CallHound app
  • Tap “+” button on the Rules tab
  • Choose Add Number or Add from Contacts
  • Create a rule name
  • Add a country Code and Phone Number
  • Choose the type: Spam or Unwanted (Spam default)
  • Tap Add button


You got rid of unwanted calls!

If you want to delete your rule, just swipe left to see Delete button.

Download CallHound & block unwanted calls forever

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